Community, Opportunity and Infinite Goals

Hiraeth – The link with a long-forgotten past, the language of the soul, a call from the inner self. Half forgotten – fraction remembered. It speaks from the rocks, from the earth, from the trees and in the waves. It’s always there.

(Val Bethell, 2003)


The Hiraeth Alliance is committed to providing the safest possible environment in which to learn and develop your game.

We have no personal structures to defend; therefore remain exempt from the war declarations which can make the new player experience so frustrating and drive them from the game.

With the supportive a blend of experienced, intermediate and new players, whether seeking your first player corporation or a place to recover from your hiatus, we want you to enjoy being with us.

There are several different corporations in the alliance to choose from, all of which follow the same strategy toward player safety and standard code of conduct. We have shared voice and text channels at an alliance level, and our activities are open to everyone.

We are currently recruiting mature players from all time zones.

Join us today!