The Mission HQ

We are a PVE corp focused on helping newer players develop their skills in Eve. We have an emphasis on running missions, whilst exploring other PVE activities from combat sites to industry. We can offer solo advice and fleet training, access to high-level mission agents and the chance to boost your standings and LP with the Federation Navy.
Fleet ops will help you access content you can’t otherwise access solo, from burner missions to Triglavian content to incursions. You are welcome to fly with us or fly solo if you like, but in either case, our goal is to make sure you get established in your Eve career and make some friends while you’re doing it. The Mission HQ commits to running at least one fleet per week. As part of The Hiraeth Alliance, we can also help you try out other aspects of Eve by getting involved with activities run by our allied corps.

See our recruitment thread for full details.

Recruiting Now!

Primary Timezone EU